After Kavanaugh: Polity Simulation

A snapshot of troll and bot activity the night of the Ford / Kavanuagh Senate hearing

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So What’s Up?

We have not published an update to the Dark Matter project since Helsinki, and we are in the middle of putting together the next volume of work in that series. In the meantime, I wanted to share (with some urgency) something I observed following the Senate Judiciary committee hearing featuring testimony from Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. I gathered these screenshots at about 11:30 CST on September 27.



From Hamilton 68 / Securing Democracy:

These three services are free, open to the public, and they explain their methodology to a sufficiently transparent degree so as to be useful for grabbing some fast insight as to what several Russian bot and troll networks are pushing at any given time. In this instance, the dominance of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is not necessarily surprising, as it is a major news event in America.

An Active Measure, to Command the Trend

What is striking, though, is how the activity revealed by these tools differs from major public events (like mass shootings or natural disasters) and is entirely similar to political events in which an active attempt is being made to shape public opinion. With events like the Austin bombing or the Las Vegas shooting, the main goal of troll and bot activity is to spread chaos. Certainly, you will find several sets of bots pushing pro-2nd Amendment messaging or anti-Democratic Party messaging, but what we’ve observed is that these efforts tend to be more driven by or originated by the American alt-right / InfoWars crowd, and later amplified along with multiple other elements of a disinformation campaign. The ultimate desired outcome is not clear, other than a hope to create chaos and spread fear.

The activity shown here much more closely reveals the concentrated efforts which spring up around special elections (or flowed to targeted states in the 2016 election), and the active polity simulation measures which abound around political events like the Nunes memo or family separation. The absolute stated and obvious goal of this bot and troll activity from a hostile foreign entity is a single domestic political outcome: for Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Everything else is a means to an end.

As a fun added bonus, this clarity of purpose leaves space for projection, identity mapping, and perceived alignment from third party, cause-based true believers. This is where you see the overlap between a propagandist push for policy outcomes and conspiracy theories from the Q Anon / Pizzagate truthers, among others.

The takeaway here should be that the forces at work in deploying these troll farms and bot networks have decided that there’s a way they’d like the Supreme Court confirmations to turn out, and this is how they hope to help make that happen.

Finally: Welcome to SubStack

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